Why I study English

By Chihaya, Student at EIGLOBE

I’ll talk about why I study English. It’s simple. I want to become stronger.

My parents like travelling. I grew up hearing their travel stories. So, I’m interested in things abroad, and my parents want to go abroad for me. But I’m so shy.  I didn’t talk with classmates, store clerks, and I didn’t use to answer the phone. Actually, I dislike studying more and more… lol. At that time, I always said, “I can’t speak English. So, I can’t go yet.”


However, I changed my mind. I have lived alone since I entered university. I can do what I want. I realized that I can get away with anything because It’s a youthful inexperience! I want to make mistakes more. I tried hard and talked with a lot of people.

I know It’s pretty obvious, but it was difficult for me. It made me nervous and embarrassed. At the same time, it was good experience. I know we all have different way of thinking. Everyone talks to me about things I don’t know about yet. I started to like talking with people. The experience was really interesting to me. There are lots of things in the world we don’t know about. I want more know everything. And I want to see that.

I’ll become a strong woman!!

That is why I study English.